Beschleunigtes Fachkräfteverfahren (§81a AufenthG)

Accelerated procedure for skilled workers (§81a AufenthG)

For companies

With the accelerated procedure for skilled workers (§81a AufenthG), employers have the possibility to accelerate the visa procedure for a specific skilled worker from a third country.

The procedure works as follows:

  • The company must conclude an agreement with the foreigners authority.
  • The agreement costs 411€ and contains the authorisation, obligations of the employer, the skilled worker and all authorities involved, as well as a description of the further procedures including deadlines and parties involved.
  • With this agreement, the foreigners authority is obliged to advise and support the company during the procedure.
  • Within 3 months, the recognition authorities and the Federal Employment Agency must make the decisions (prerequisites under the law on foreigners, approval by the Federal Employment Agency).
  • If all requirements are met, the foreigners authority issues a so-called preliminary approval, which sends it to the employer for forwarding to the skilled worker.
  • The Foreigners’ Registration Office then arranges an appointment with the foreign mission to apply for the visa, which must take place within 3 weeks.
  • At this appointment, the original of the preliminary approval must be presented by the skilled worker together with other documents required for the visa application.
  • After the visa application of the professional, the decision must be made within another 3 weeks. The visa application costs 75€.

Required documents:

  • Power of attorney in original (international skilled worker authorises the employer to apply for the accelerated skilled worker procedure.
  • A colour copy of the skilled worker’s passport
  • Employment contract / concrete job offer with salary details
  • Copies of the proofs of qualification of the skilled worker in original language and German translation
  • Form (to be filled out by the employer) “Declaration on the employment relationship