Flat search

Are you looking for a flat?

Are you looking for a flat in the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region? You can find addresses and contacts here:

Improve chances of finding a flat:

  • Every landlord wants security. If you show these documents when viewing a flat, you will have a big advantage over other applicants:
  • Copies of the last 3 salary slips/ payslips.
  • Copy of employment contract (temporary/permanent)
  • Copy of curriculum vitae (in exceptional cases)
  • Schufa information (Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung) – www.meineschufa.de

Rental contract

Before you rent a flat, sign a written contract with your landlord. Before signing, check which costs are included in the rent and which additional costs you have to pay. In addition, ask your landlord whether you have to pay a deposit.

Rent deposit -> max. 3 months’ rent without service charges. When you move out, you will get this deposit back from your landlord if you have not caused any damage.

Service charges

The so-called cold rent does not include ancillary costs. Incidental costs are, for example, for heating, water, electricity, sewage, property tax, lift, house cleaning, garden maintenance, lighting, chimney cleaning, insurance, caretaker, communal aerial, washing facilities, snow removal, etc. The tenant (you) must pay these incidental costs in addition to the rent. The tenant (you) must pay the service charges in addition to the rent. If the landlord talks about “warm rent”, then the ancillary costs are usually included in the rent. Always ask exactly what “warm rent” includes and what it does not.

Refuse charges and waste separation

  • Refuse charges: If the refuse charges are not included in the service charges, then the tenant has to pay about 100-200 € per year. You can get more information about waste fees from the waste management office (Landratsamt).
  • Waste separation: In Germany there are different waste bins, e.g. for waste paper, plastic, organic waste, household waste, waste glass, old clothes and shoes, electronic devices and furniture. You can get information on waste separation from the relevant offices in the town hall, the citizens’ service centre or the district administration office.

Telephone and internet

Getting a telephone and internet connection can take several weeks. We recommend that you contact a provider before you move. There are several providers in Germany and many offer discounted packages for telephone and internet.

Fees for television and radio

Every home must pay a monthly fee of currently €18.50 for public radio and television (ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio). Students and trainees who receive educational assistance, e.g. BAföG, and SGB II recipients can be exempted from these costs.


The sweeping week is a typical Swabian invention and is also a special feature of our region. If there is a sweeping week regulation in your house, you must regularly clean the areas that everyone uses, e.g. stairwell, entrance door, cellar paths. Ask your landlord or your neighbours how the sweeping week is organised in your house so that you can live peacefully with your neighbours.